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The test has been criticised as a "bad pub quiz", with the SNP now looking to scrap the entry exam should Scotland become an independent country. After independence it is suggested there will be 6 ways to become a Scottish citizen. Section 1.7. Scottish citizenship isn't only important for those who will become citizens at the moment of independence.

British citizens residing in Scotland will also get the nationality if they are . The 2014 Scottish independence referendum was an independence referendum held on 18 September 2014 concerning Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. The Constitution and a Citizenship Act will define citizens' rights and responsibilities. The independence of any investigation is the spine which gives it credibility and legitimacy. The following people will be entitled to automatic citizenship: Those born in Scotland to at least one parent who has Scottish citizenship or indefinite leave to remain - this mirrors current British nationality law; the Scottish Independence Bill and renewed Scotland Act would form the interim constitutional platform for an independent Scotland until the Constitutional Convention prepared the permanent constitution for Scotland. US citizens and residents are subject to US income tax on their worldwide income (and gains), regardless of both the source of that income and the tax home of the taxpayer (unless an . Because I am not giving up drugs, and I'm not going to let these torrie cunts put me in a concentration camp because I like to get a little buzzed.

An independent Scotland would be faced with tough decisions on how to manage its . It will firstly show that the Scottish Government plans to limit the implications of independence in the nationality field, but that some new Scottish citizens might lose British citizenship. Scots make the decisions. SNP to BAN Life in UK citizenship tests under independent Scotland to be more 'inclusive' THE SNP is set to oppose Life in the UK-style tests as the party looks to adopt an "inclusive . UK, including Scotland, explores the challenges which an independent Scottish state could face in assuming control of its borders, and considers the difficult choices that the people in Scotland would have to face on issues such as citizenship and nationality. Alas, the vehicle to independence lost its way as Nicola lost her nerve. The rules are likely to be the same as those proposed before the 2014 independence referendum: a) If you are a British citizen habitually resident in Scotland on independence day, you automatically become a Scottish citizen. Section 1.6 Citizenship as of right only to residents and those born in independent Scotland. Ahead of that referendum, the Scottish Government stated in its white paper proposing independence that voting Yes was a "once in a generation . As Art 20(1) of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) maintains the position that EU citizenship is contingent or parasitic upon nationality of a Member State, he argues that because Scottish independence would result in an automatic loss of UK nationality, this would have the consequence of removing EU citizenship from Scots. Obviously, Scottish citizenship, as distinct from British citizenship, would be a result of a vote for independence. As things stand, the UK allows dual citizenship, and the Scottish National Party would expect this to be extended to allow UK/Scottish citizenship in the event of independence.

'An independent Scotland will have an inclusive approach to citizenship'. b) If . As things stand, the UK allows dual citizenship, and the Scottish National Party would expect this to be extended to allow UK/Scottish citizenship in the event of independence. If Scotland votes for independence it is likely - it is almost a certainty - that there will be a gap between independence and Scotland joining the European . Citizenship. At this week's SNP conference, from September 10 to September 13, a resolution on "Scottish citizenship for New Scots" calls for no tests like the "Life in the UK" exam to be brought in . Despite the fact that the UK is in general not opposed to dual citizenship, it is a matter of debate whether the rest of the United Kingdom would be prepared to allow dual Scottish and UK citizenship after independence. This is a birth rite and any child born after independence to Scottish parents will also be a Scottish citizen. But the contours of Scottish citizenship, in terms of what rights and responsibilities it would confer, are a complex matter to be worked out. Foreigners who do not posses Scottish citizenship and are not able to vote on national/constitutional matters. Scottish people could lose European Union citizenship if the region wins independence from the United Kingdom, European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has suggested. I'm from up north anyway. Habitual residence will be the test for existing UK citizens based in Scotland at the time of . It is envisaged that initially, on the date of independence, all permanent . When the Scottish government released its White Paper outlining what an independent Scotland might look like, migration policy was a small but essential element of it. I'm simply too ashamed and angry to be a subject of the 'British' state anymore.

Immigration and Citizenship. With modest population growth alongside good GDP growth, supported by stable participation in international trade, it seems Scotland is in a far better initial condition than either the Czech or Slovak Republics, and can . Given below are hypothetical requirements. Scotland's Arctic dream of independence. You lot make more sense to me than the southerners do. 5 should make, as the opportunity to make those decisions based on what people in Scotland need and want over time is the very point of independence. All persons with a grandparent of Scots nationality have the right to be citizens of Scotland. Visa and Immigration. Plans by the UK Government to strip people of their British citizenship without warning are "uncivilised" and "legally disputable", according to a Tory former Cabinet minister. Answer (1 of 8): Exactly how depends on your own circumstances. We know more now, in relation to the issues of birth, descent and residence, but there are still many gaps which need to be filled in. The Scottish Government position is that there will be a Scottish passport, and all UK citizens born here or living here at the point of independence will automatically be entitled to Scottish . automatically become Scottish citizens. The Scottish government proposes that an independent Scotland remain part of the CTA. Speaking at an Arctic Circle Assembly conference last month, the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, once again remarked that northern Scotland is closer to the Arctic Circle than to London. Scottish independence remains very much a live issue, as First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, continues to push for a second . Anybody born in Scotland will automatically qualify for a passport, even if they have not lived in Scotland. The Scottish Independence Bill would be subject to the usual parliamentary procedures and enacted in the normal way as an Act Residency, even long-term residency does not make you a Scot, any more than it made those of us recently granted Danish citizenship, Danes. Passports Inherent to citizenship is the right to hold a passport. 2. Given the CJEU's high theology of the primacy of EU law, and of EU citizenship as being "the fundamental status of nationals of the Member States", it is suggested that the most likely position that the Luxembourg court would take, if faced with the question of Scottish independence, would be the second scenario - "separation", as . This is a very wide model of citizenship that could impose citizenship on people who may not want it. In its latest analysis of the consequences of independence, focusing on borders and citizenship, it says it is likely that Scots would be able to hold dual Scottish and British nationality. Independence is in their DNA, and they know how to protect it. The government of the continuing UK would need to consider whether all British citizens living in Scotland could retain their British citizenship upon independence.

5.2 INCLUSIVE CITIZENSHIP: MIGRATION, ASYLUM AND IMMIGRATION . In the immigration field, it will argue that intra-EU migration is one reason why, in the event of a successful referendum, a treaty should be put in . 5 reasons Scotland would thrive as an independent nation (updated) Scotland is home to a unique combination of assets with which to build a prosperous and wealthy nation. Migration and Citizenship in an Independent Scotland. The Scottish government proposed that all British citizens who had been born in Scotland would automatically become Scottish citizens on the date of independence . The inhabitants of an independent Scotland should be forced to choose between being a Scottish or British citizen, according to a major survey published today of public opinion south of the Border. A first referendum on independence was held in September 2014, with 55% voting "No" to independence. With the result increasingly difficult to predict, this small population of English ex-pats could well play a key role in the future of the Union, unlike the 830,000 Scots who .

Section 1.8. Our genetic make up didn't change. The White Paper promises a change in the direction of travel in migration policy for an independent . A person who has a parent or grandparent eligible for Scottish citizenship, will be able to register as a Scottish citizen by descent.

But, if Scotland successfully joins the European Union as an independent member state they may be forced under current EU law to become part of the Schengen area ; a passport-free zone comprising 22 EU member states and 4 non-EU European countries (Iceland . This will include British citizens who hold dual citizenship with another . . not for us to predetermine the choices that the governments of an independent Scotland . So, having been recently granted Danish citizenship, I decided to apply for a Danish passport. (Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images) I n 1984, amid her . Scotland citizenship, passport plans outlined . The 2013 independence White Paper, on the other hand, had specifically alluded to the potentially thorny issue of Scottish-British dual citizenship in an independent Scotland; it had thereby acknowledged that having to give up their British citizenship at the point of independence was a source of worry for some Scots who valued their British . A person who has a parent or grandparent eligible for Scottish citizenship, will be able to register as a Scottish citizen by descent.

British citizens "habitually resident" in Scotland on independence will automatically be considered Scottish citizens. SCOTS can expect to remain ­British citizens if they vote for independence, the UK Government has conceded. The SNP wants a common travel area with the UK, but that might be difficult if and when Scotland joins the EU. Supporters of Scottish independence gather at the site of the battle of Bannockburn for an 'All Under One Banner' event on August 19, 2020. In September 2002, the Scottish National Party (SNP) published a document, entitled A Constitution for a Free Scotland, which details their policy for the Constitution of a future independent Scotland.This Constitution, which would come into effect following Scotland's transition to independence, would set out the rights of citizens of an independent Scotland, and define the powers and . Should English people, or anyone else, want to move to Scotland, then they are migrants. The Scottish government says you, having been born in Scotland, would be eligible for Scottish citizenship on day one of independence, but it will be possible to "opt out" if you want, which means . Furthermore, it would be foolish to suppose that Scotland would have absolute carte blanche to set its own criteria if becoming Scottish automatically entailed EU citizenship. By Martina Bet 11:10, Tue, May 4 . Scotland depends on immigration to maintain population growth, and hence an independent Scotland must favour a fairly open immigration policy. A Scottish passport will also be . Such a dire . Future generations will be concerned about whether and how they can become Scottish . With today's unveiling of the Scottish Referendum White Paper, we bring you a headline summary of what Scottish independence could mean for immigration independent Scotland and citizenship as stipulated in the Paper:

After Independence, Scotland is a perfectly normal country with borders, laws, citizenship etc. So says the White Paper, and so said other earlier documents.That much we already knew. You would apply for citizenship for another county and not renew your passport for Scotland or apply for a Scottish one when it cam time to do so. For children born to "at least one parent" in Scotland with citizenship or indefinite leave to remain would be automatically given citizenship .

9,352 talking about this. Independence is my last hope.

Medium-sized European nations such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are among the most prosperous countries in the world, well ahead of the UK. Who didn't imagine back in 2016 we'd all be citizens of an indy Scotland in Europe by 2022? The controversial assessments were introduced under Tony Blair's Labour government in 2005 and require applicants to answer questions about British history, culture and law based on information compiled by .

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